Buy Your Next Car With EGLD: Autoworld Becomes The First European Car Dealer To Accept EGLD Payments

Daniel Serb
Oct 08, 2021
2 min read

Autoworld has become the first European car dealer to accept EGLD and make a sale using EGLD, marking another important milestone for the integration of the internet-scale economy into the automotive sector.

The firm is an official dealer for major brands such as Audi, Volvo and Volkswagen. Also part of the Autoworld family is Das Welt Auto, the popular pre-owned marketplace. The firm also offers car rental services and the innovative Carcloud platform that offers buyers a fully digital process from selection to purchase.

All of its products and services can now be paid for in EGLD. With more than 30 years of experience and $70 million USD yearly revenue, Autoworld thus becomes a major adoption driver for the Elrond ecosystem.

“eGold was architected as a new form of money that combines blazing fast and inexpensive transactions with compelling utility and strong store of value properties. An important market player such as Autoworld has already sold their first on many cars with EGLD, signaling that mainstream adoption of the internet-scale economy is happening right now.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO.
“Autoworld has maintained a rapid growth pace over the last 3 decades by embracing new market trends that have constantly elevated our customer's experience to new levels of excellence. This year, on our 30th anniversary, we are once again at the forefront of innovation by embracing blockchain technology and introducing EGLD as an efficient payment method”, said Roger Patrasc, Sales Manager Audi.

The first Autoworld customer to purchase a car with eGold has at the same time executed the largest crypto transaction that our partner Netopia has processed up to date.

About Elrond

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About Autoworld

Official Audi, Volvo and Volkswagen dealer.. Also part of the Autoworld family is pre-owned marketplace Das Welt Auto and the innovative Carcloud platform that offers buyers a fully digital process from selection to purchase.

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Daniel Serb
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