Internet-Scale dApp Architecture: Make Your Web3 Applications Faster And Scalable With Microservices

Lucian Mincu
Oct 26, 2021
1 min read

Microservices are an intermediary layer between dApps and the blockchain network. They help dApps be faster and scalable by providing them with on-chain information, so the dApp doesn’t have to query the blockchain for every request.

You can configure a microservice to listen for all the blockchain transactions relevant for your dApp, maintain specific information in a cache with the help of the transaction processor, and respond to your dApp requests in a very fast and efficient manner.

We have created a ~10 minutes guide to help you get started with microservices. It is a follow-up to the “Build your first dApp in 15 minutes” guide, which means you can build your first Elrond dApp with a microservice in under 30 minutes.

The full documentation for this guide can be found here:

The next amazons and googles are perhaps one smart contract away. Building that smart contract, however, will require a lot more work than just the 30 minutes covered in our tutorials so far.

In the following installments of these technical guides, we will walk you through the entire process of building exceptional decentralized applications and writing powerful smart contracts using all the groundbreaking features of the Elrond Network.

In caring for our growing developers community, we encourage you to post your questions for us on Stack Overflow, for others to integrate the results of your research into their future work and accelerate the growth of the Elrond ecosystem.

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It’s time to build.

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Written by
Lucian Mincu
CIO, Elrond Network