QoWatt, The First Blockchain Based French Public EV Charging Operator Joins The Metabonding Superwave

Dan Voicu
Sep 13, 2022
1 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that QoWatt will join the Metabonding Superwave! This will add fuel to their ecosystem growth, amplify their presence in the passionate Elrond community and expand their mission’s reach.

The supercharging power of the Elrond community, coupled with the impressive QoWatt vision can lead to remarkable advancements in their quest to become the largest European network of charging terminals for electric vehicles.

The innovative QoWatt ecosystem is set to disrupt the EV charging industry by making it easier and faster to build and operate a network of smart charging stations.

By creating the infrastructure on which electric vehicles can thrive, QoWatt opens a door toward the future, enabling users access to a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also accessible, affordable and convenient.

Powered by our carbon negative internet-scale blockchain, QoWatt is already playing an active role in the transition to a sustainable and energy efficient environment with 9 EV charging points operating in France and more than 40 in the process of being installed or signed.

Metabonding participants will be able to claim QWT rewards starting on September 22nd, based on the EGLD staked and/or LKMEX deposited during the previous week.

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Dan Voicu
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