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At Elrond, we are addressing the fundamental problems of current blockchain iterations around scalability and UX to give anyone, anywhere easy access to the new internet economy. Being at the forefront of evolution is a moving target, with ceaseless challenges and an insane innovation pace. Here’s a feed to help you catch up with our latest releases.

Good news everyone! First release of our C++ SDK is available. Starting with this version you may use C++ for:

  • Creating, computing bech32 addresses, getting public key from bech32 addresses;
  • Reading .pem , .json and password files;
  • Signing any string or ERD prefixed messages (ed25519);
  • Creating, signing, serializing, deserializing transactions;
  • Getting accounts, sending transactions, getting ESDT balances via Proxy;
  • ESDT - issuing, transfering, transfering with SC calls;
  • Building ESDT/ESDTNFT/MultiESDTNFT transfer payloads/transactions;

Let us know if you find this SDK useful, or let's start a discussion about what you find needed to be changed or added.

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Good news everyone! elrond-sdk-erdjs release v11.1.0 is now available for usage:

  • Relayed v1 transactions builder;
  • Relayed v2 transactions builder was already available in a past release but minor fixes were added;

Send us feedback or get in touch with us if you have any improvement idea. Become a maintainer!

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Release v1.3.42 is ready for mainnet:

  • Good news validators! A reduction of ~60% in bandwidth for heartbeat messages will be achieved;
  • We've extended the Node API to support our Rosetta API implementation;
  • Miniblocks are now partialy executed at destination;
  • Our Trie sync just got better;
  • Finally, you can burn unwanted NFTs... be careful;
  • We fixed and improved a lot of things. Take a look in the detailed page for more information!
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Nothing groundbreaking, just a sum of smaller features that had accumulated:

  • Rust interactor snippet generator.
  • Added some missing substitution rules in the contract preprocessor.
  • Allow single zero byte when top-decoding Option::None.
  • Ongoing operations module.
  • Claim developer rewards module.
  • FromIterator trait for ManagedVec .
  • Mandos "id" accepted as synonym to "txId".

Let us know if you find the rust interactor snippet interesting, or let's start a discussion on other topics.

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Hello Elrondians!

We are starting this changelog to provide everyone with a curated and chronologically ordered list of significant changes to our products. It will not be a dump of a GIT changelog but an easy to digest story format (a story of reasons, decisions, expectations and outcomes). If you are a developer interested in building on Elrond, look no further. This will be the right trigger for any change that may impact your work and you will also be able to engage in discussions and contribute to our repos. DeFi enthusiasts and other users who are spending quite a bit of time using Elrond's products can upgrade their understanding of what they are interacting with and as for validators, getting the essential updates in order to keep their nodes in sync with the network is now easier than ever.

The changelog is far from providing the expansive vision of Elrond, but it serves as more of a support to help onboard you on the journey, and understand each step we take in building the foundation for a truly open and global financial system. You will be able to send us feedback here. Therefore, each discussion can transform into a Github Issue that may reach the public roadmap and each question may find an answer (be it from us or from the community) that will be easy to find (not scrolling through thousands of Telegram messages) by anyone. Stay curious!

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