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At Elrond, we are addressing the fundamental problems of current blockchain iterations around scalability and UX to give anyone, anywhere easy access to the new internet economy. Being at the forefront of evolution is a moving target, with ceaseless challenges and an insane innovation pace. Here’s a feed to help you catch up with our latest releases.

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Hello xWorld! We are moving forward. To achieve our full potential as leading ecosystem, community and project - we must listen to each other. We listened and we came up with an improvement for the protocol cacher system. The main focus for this release was:

  • Improving smart contract results lookup in smartcontract preprocessor;

Send us feedback and let's get in touch if you have any improvement ideas. Become a maintainer!

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Hello xWorld! What a crazy week we had. Moving beyond that, we did not sleep (literally). On our path to opening the bridge between worlds, we need a bugless foundation. The main focus for this release was:

  • Fixing accounts trie remover config value;
  • Improving and fixing the Heatbeat-V2;
  • Fixing a problem discovered at the pruning storer level;
  • Fixing transaction simulator data concurrency;
  • Adding a new direct connection processor.

Send us feedback and let's get in touch if you have any improvement ideas. Become a maintainer!

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Good news everyone! A new release for Mainnet is available. This release will fix some bothersome issues discovered after v1.3.42 upgrade. That’s why:

  • intercepted trie nodes are no longer saved as unmarshalled entities in cacher;
  • we have a new trie syncer (v3);
  • we removed unnecessary gasComputation.Reset call;
  • we fixed the old NFT liquidity handling issue… (yes, you can transfer your old NFTs again);
  • we fixed also the preferred peers loading.
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Release v1.3.42 is ready for mainnet:

  • Good news validators! A reduction of ~60% in bandwidth for heartbeat messages will be achieved;
  • We've extended the Node API to support our Rosetta API implementation;
  • Miniblocks are now partialy executed at destination;
  • Our Trie sync just got better;
  • Finally, you can burn unwanted NFTs... be careful;
  • We fixed and improved a lot of things. Take a look in the detailed page for more information!
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